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26 March 2021
come usare il contrasto in fotografia amauriph

How to use contrast in photography | Photo Editing Tips

In this article, you will find out how to use contrast in photography, more specifically how to use contrast in photo editing/post-production. This is one of […]
7 March 2021
foto ritratto portriat photography

Portrait Photography | Find your style pt. 3

How many times have you been captivated by a portrait? More has happened to me than I can recall. There has always been something that drew […]
7 January 2021
lungomare foto laigueglia

Landscape photography: find your style pt. 2

Landscape photography is perhaps the most technical photographic genre of all. In this first guide to landscape photography, I want to help you understand if this […]
19 November 2020
fotografia in quarantena | idee creative per foto artistiche

Lockdown photography | 5 ideas to keep creativity alive

This year is a tough one, but I am here to tell you that lockdown photography is possible. In fact, who said we have to stop […]
17 November 2020
toni freddi vs caldi quali scegliere guida introduttiva

Cool vs warm tones aesthetic | Choosing the right edit

Knowing how to choose between cool vs warm tones during the editing phase can give a completely different mood to photography. For this reason, it is […]
22 October 2020
street photography bambino riflesso bianco e nero

How to do Street Photography: find your style pt.1

I started to get interested in photography thanks to this style of photos and names like Vivian Maier and Henri Cartier-Bresson and I immediately wondered how […]
21 October 2020
formato immagine

A simple guide to Jpeg and Raw image formats for beginners

The format in which you choose to take your photographs can make all the difference, especially for post-production. Check out the guide for beginner photographers.
21 October 2020
cover contrasto fotografia

How to create the perfect shot | Contrast and Composition

Today we will further explore two of the elements that fascinate me most that are contrast and composition. I recently wrote on how to use at […]
8 September 2020
5 modi per fare subito foto più belle - composizione fotografica consigli

5 ways to immediately take better photos | Composition tips

Do you want to know the 5 ways to immediately take better photos? You are in the right place! Let me show you an easy way […]